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Sexiness comes from the inside, and if you feel sexy, you’ll look sexy.

It may sound patronizing, but it’s completely true.

And always remember this, respecting yourself is not a sign of being egoistic. #7 Love your life If you want to know how to look sexy without even trying, learn to love yourself and your life. They’re not very good company and they don’t attract any sexy attention even if they’re rather good looking.How to look sexy There are a lot of things that make someone look sexy and attractive. Some of the sexiest people on earth aren’t really the prettiest, but they’re still sexy.And you can figure out how to look sexy by just following these ten steps and walk into a new and improved sexy life.[Read more in how to flirt with a guy] #9 Learn to flirt Knowing how to flirt can open a doorway of good times with the opposite sex.And if you club that art with figuring out how to look sexy, you’ve got a potent mix that would be irresistible to anyone.#4 Buy sexy underwear There’s nothing that can make you feel sexier than sexy underwear, be it laces or silk.


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