I do believe you can do the Rancho 4" lift and rims for uder 4K and add tires to the bill - on top of it.

Adding the 35's however, limited your suspension cycle - on stock suspension.

There's NO need to buy a lift kit of any kind to clear 35's.....

Now if you have the H3 base model, you might run into some issues, but with the alpha and adventure you wont unless you have a poor rundown suspension..........

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At the time I still had the low front end and I have NO RUBBING issues fully turned to the Left or Right, NONE at all, in fact I have about 1.5" of clearence fully turned either direction.

That impulsive "slap them on there because they'll fit!

" will create greater stopping distance, alignment, ride quality and clearance problems.

The other day I took a 1 1/16" wrench and got a hold of the torsion bar bolts underneith.

Leveled the front end to the back, took about 30 min to do, very easy....


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