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Just getting through the day at Wyatt Lily NYC, the children's clothing store I own on the Upper West Side, was just as taxing. My focus became fixing my back pain so I could at least function as a normal person, run my business, be there for my child.And spending time with my daughter alone was almost impossible, because I needed someone to be around to take care of me at the same time. Didn't want to go out or make plans, usually because I couldn't guarantee that I could feel well enough to keep them. My life became about being at the store and being at home with my daughter. My back doctor noted that his remedies were no longer working and told me I might have to undergo back surgery. Roger Hartl, chief of spinal surgery at the Weill Cornell Brain and Spine Center and the neurosurgeon for the New York Giants.but we now hear that Tiger Woods‘ former mistress has found a new man on her own. Uchitel shot the Patti Stanger matchmaking show last summer while she was in the midst of her divorce from Matt Hahn.PHOTOS: Model Moms That’s now a done deal and she’s already in a “serious relationship,” she told the New York Post without naming Boone.On the morning of the surgery, I was enveloped with a sense of calm. I was facedown as they made an incision to the back of my head where my scalp meets my neck. I could hear people's voices, but I couldn't open my eyes.I do remember hearing my girlfriends giggle over the fact that I was worried I would look like a monster.

I was told back then, at age 16, that I needed to do certain exercises throughout my life and to be careful of my lower back or it would require surgery later in my life. I have been to countless chiropractors in New York City.

Uchitel began her career after college working in television and film, with a five-year stint as a producer in the Bloomberg News television division, a period in which she became "engaged to a man who died in the 9/11 attacks." In a random career move and a life-changing experience, I found myself living in Las Vegas to launch Tao nightclub and restaurant, which quickly became the number-one grossing venue in the world.

Two years later, I was back in New York to oversee VIP operations for all of their companies and venues, such as Stanton Social, Marquee, Tao Bistro, and Dune.

The former Seattle Mariners and Cincinnati Reds All-Star is separated from the wife of his four children.

Uchitel became front page news when her relationship with Woods was revealed after the golfer and his wife had their infamous Thanksgiving day blow up in 2009.


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