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Dylan is the son of Jack Mc Kay, a man known for his wealth and a criminal past, and Iris, a spiritual and light-hearted woman who Dylan has little in common with.The family grew divided during Dylan's childhood; Jack and Iris divorced around 1981, and their son developed strained relationships with both parents.He soon learned that Jack had been collaborating with the FBI.Dylan was also comforted by Brenda who knew how to be there for him while Kelly tried but awkwardly failed.After later receiving a significant inheritance, Dylan became rich before graduating high school.

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A brief pregnancy scare marked the beginning of a highly stressful period for Brenda, which soon led her to break up with Dylan.Dylan is introduced as an intelligent, well-read teen mature beyond his years, but emotionally scarred by his upbringing, which leaves him hostile and unpredictable at times.In spite of tough circumstances, Dylan has something of a grounded nature and perspective on life, mostly assuming nothing about others and is very clear to Brandon about his moral compass – except when he is agitated (usually by his hapless parents) and he lashes out or closes off emotionally.After the girls had reconciled, Dylan was told to reach a choice between them.He eventually chose Kelly, when Brenda could not show up to his father's party because of her parents.Dylan's relationship with Brenda provides him with much needed love and comfort, add to the fact that they really care about each other and respect one another as individuals – in as much as Dylan is able to with his low self-esteem.


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