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This, coupled with Epicurus' teachings concerning pleasure, led to public criticism of the school as a scene of debauchery. Johann Gutenberg - a craftsman from Mainz, Germany.

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Love and hate were considered principles of attraction and repulsion that alternately dominated the universe in a recurring cycle.The farmer spent 18 months perfecting his secret recipe, tweaking the temperature and humidity, and the product has been such a hit he now supplies restaurants including The Ritz and The Ivy.It has also been given the seal of approval by a host of leading chefs including Nigella Lawson, Mark Hix and Yottam Ottelenghi.Pythagoras - Greek philosopher and mathematician; held that numbers were basic to matter; the Pythagorean Theorem is named for his geometric formulation; developed atomic theory; students of his philosophy emphasized geometrical form as a basic property of atoms; developed mathematical relationships which led to musical harmony.Empedocles - Some suggest (c.484-c.424) - Greek doctor, poet and philosopher.He cured a plague at the Sicilian city of Selinus and claimed he was a god.


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