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“You always looked forward to church on Sunday,” says Mr.Evans, “but now everybody seems to have things that are more important.” He worries that, because so many people have left for jobs elsewhere, there are few young adults to assume responsibilities in the church. Of her three children, the youngest is still at home, another remains in the area and the third lives in Brooklyn.The Gingos are unusual in that all their children have opted to stay in the area.

Masses of red and white poinsettias frame the iconostasis; the fragrance of beeswax tapers and votive candles fills the air.With few opportunities locally, almost all the young have left.Northeastern Pennsylvania at one time contained three-quarters of the world’s anthracite deposits.The immigrants saw opportunity in the dirty, dangerous jobs in the mines.Devoted to their families and churches, these hard-working people shaped the resilient character of the coal region.On a frigid January morning, several parishioners are gathered at the church.


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