What internet dating descriptions really mean

Making people laugh is great but you want to ensure they know you have a serious side too. He’s showy, ostentatious and a little full of himself.

How to avoid being him When you’re posting a photo of yourself doing any activity, ask yourself if it’s really representative of who you are.

Here are some things men say when they’re trying to get a woman’s attention – and how women interpret them: He says: ‘I’m a fun-loving guy who loves to party, be out with my boys, and generally have a good time.’ She hears: ‘I’ll ignore your texts while I’m out drinking with my friends and then call you when I’m hammered at 3am.’ He says: ‘I’m looking for a girl who’s up for anything, who wants to have fun and be spontaneous.’ She hears: ‘I’m not looking for a serious relationship; I just want to hook up and have casual sex with no commitment.’ He says: ‘Hey! ’ She hears: ‘I’m too bored to come up with an original message, and I’ve sent this identical first message to 30 other girls.’ He says: ‘I’m really charming, outgoing and confident and I can talk to anyone.’ She hears: ‘I’m arrogant and I only like talking about myself.’ Anyone who’s tried online dating can tell you there are a few different kinds of profiles you come across over and over again.

In fact, these profiles are so similar we’ve nicknamed them.

There may be plenty of fish out there, but the sea just seems so big.

For men especially, it can be hard not to get disheartened by the competition.

The comedian’s profile features nothing but jokes, sarcastic comments, winky face emoticons, and throwaway gags.

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Most online daters are smart, interesting, attractive singles looking to connect with other like-minded individuals.Here are some of the worst online dating personas and ways that you can avoid becoming them: The bore is the guy who hasn’t put in any thought to creating his profile.His page lists his job, his generic interests (going out with friends, sports, films) and provides no insight into his true personality – assuming he has one. List one thing you’re really passionate about and be specific.Come up with thoughtful, creative ways to express yourself and give those viewing your profile an excuse to laugh – you’re virtually guaranteed to attract women.Here’s an example of a fun, witty way to get a girl’s attention.The good news is that there are some simple ways to structure your profile so that it’s more attractive to women, without having to change who you really are.


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