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Note that: on some consoles Flash Player is already installed!

To install Adobe Flash Player: This document, titled "How to install Flash player on PS3?

=p You need the latest version of Java for Rune Scape.

Java Sun systems or something like that, just search "free java download latest".

from and install it for your operating system or browser.

From your FAQ this answer is: Error loading player: Flash version must be 10.0 or greater This means the version of the Flash plugin on your computer is too outdated for JW Player to use.If you are on windows, installation of Adobe Flash Player 10 may require administrative access to your PC.If you are using Internet Explorer on your windows PC, Click the download link to automatically download and install Adobe Flash Player into Microsoft Internet Explorer.But you will need an FLV player to play the games or watch the flash videos on a browser and here we let you know on how you can download Flash Player 10 for free.Flash is a popular multimedia technology that is well know for creating intuitive, engaging interfaces with readily built-in support for 3D Effects.Flash is a great way to add more interactivity to web pages.


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