Updating bios and raid

You can pick up a new Adaptec 6405e for under 0, which will support 6Gb/s for your SSDs, and I'm certain you can find other cards for less.

For Linux 2.6 the device-mapper framework can, among other nice things like LVM and EVMS, do the same kind of work as ATARAID in 2.4. Also I had 2 fully up to date installed versions of windows 7 64bit with the same set of programs and drivers ect installed. One of them was on a RAID-0 configuration (2x 120gb SDDs).Other than the drives they were stored on both were exactly the same. But after I updated the bios the RAID-0 windows installation would not boot up. System restore and the other utility which runs when windows cant boot could not fix it and nether could the install DVD.The BIOS attempted, therefore, to boot the system from the incorrect disk and found no bootloader.Solution to this is to use a hardware-based RAID solution.Hardware RAID controllers are expensive and proprietary.


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