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Thats wherethe Call of Duty MW2 seems to be from the download install i did Is this a problem? I guess i should copy some of that file somewhere else, activate an then pause then paste it back then un pause? The only folder i have about mw2 is steamapps/common/call of duty modernwarfare 2please helpi dont know where to get english files for mw2i really need someone to teamviewer me i am so confused everything is messed up i dont have mw2 installed right now so i need someone to help me walk through itadd me on steam: firstslayer 09Hello, I need help with converting Russian to English. My game appears to be originally installed in \Steam\Steam Apps\common\ already. I had already had the game disc, inserted it and when it asked me for the key i put the rus key in It began downloading then i had to cancel the installation from the launcher,went over to my steam library and already saw they were both i logged out, and i couldnt find the COD MW2 folder anywhere. I dont have an \Program Files (\Activision\MW2 file. Hello, I need help with converting Russian to English.

Bas) and is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

XUID's aren't ever the same, unless your primary network adapter is Hamachi/Tungle. Yeah, some people are wrongly banned, and if thats the case they can appeal their ban. The truth is, Big name companys are trying to make PC more like the console, focusing more on $ and graphics rather than the actual gameplay & features... this is our community and ALTERIWNET CAN SUCK MY BALLS looool i am playing MW2 again .. @Dofus Octopus you are even more pathetic than the nerd who owns the servers.

You call them power hungry knobs because they are banning hackers? /facepalm You say they treat the community like shit, though they offer us ways to break off of Infinity Ward and steam? you are trying to insult the losers so in some twisted reality you will become exactly like them? your mother should have strangled you with her own umbilical cord you failure.

I'll add a link to it in the torrent description if you're too stupid to get there yourself. which also gets innocnet players banned because of XUID being the same ...

ive tried twice to get some help from them but they keep blocking my threads and banning me fro the site ???? there whole operation is built on people Gaming community yet they treat us like shit ??? I cant wait for Iwnet and Activison to shut you mother fuckers down in the next month or so when the word gets out, because face it 5000 people doesnt come close to the the real deal ..


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