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On 15 September 2014, the Info Wars web site published an article about a purportedly worrisome incident in Jacksonville, Florida.According to the heavily conspiracy-oriented site, a 39-year-old teacher there had been suspended for giving an explicit sex-ed “lesson” to sixth grade students which included instructing them on how to utilize a strap-on dildo.and follow generally accepted measures to implement procedures to eliminate the danger of sexual abuse by teachers against students." Jacobs, 33, of Folsom, pleaded guilty earlier this year to criminal charges of official misconduct and endangering the welfare of a child. The student told police Jacobs told her to "keep denying it, keep denying it" before offering her money and marijuana, according to the lawsuit. 10 and left the state a day later for a rehabilitation facility in Florida, the lawsuit states. Loiseau, a close friend of Jacobs’, told her he was only suspended and Loiseau instructed her to “deny, deny, deny,” the suit alleges. In addition to Jacobs and the school board, the lawsuit names as defendants: Buena Regional High School; Loiseau; school Principal Moses White; school Vice Principal Jared Toscano; school district Business Administrator Pasquale Yacovelli; and former superintendent John De Stefano. and Anderson seek compensatory damages and punitive damages.

Jacobs’ misconduct carried over to school grounds, according the lawsuit, which alleges the following instances: In February 2017, a BRHS graduate informed New Jersey State Police that a teacher was having a sexual relationship with a minor, according to the lawsuit. D., according to the suit, which says White allowed Jacobs to continue his duties as a gym teacher and assistant wrestling coach. “We felt a strong sense of betrayal that one of his teachers would use his power in such a way to take advantage of a vulnerable young teenager struggling to find his way.”The Tallahassee Democrat is withholding the name of the victim due to the nature of the charges involved.In December, the student reported to Leon County Sheriff’s deputies that he and Casalvieri had been involved in a sexual relationship for several months.But told us that she also teaches sex ed classes for adult audiences, that the photographs displayed in the outrage-provoking article were snapped at a university-level (not a sixth grade) class, and that she “would not have done those positions and discussed strap-ons to that extent in a high school setting.” Instead, someone repurposed those photos and incorporated them into a post that read as a sort of melange of moral panics, touching on fears about the threat of common core curriculum, openly gay teachers, and general ambient concerns about acceptance of homosexuality in society.As quickly as it appeared, the Info Wars post evaporated as it was scrubbed from that site.CAMDEN - A Buena Regional High School gym teacher had sex with a student twice in a vehicle parked outside a bar, then later offered her money and marijuana after instructing the teen not to tell police about their relationship, a lawsuit alleges.


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