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Site Map Resolve event get trigger when the Current Node property is accessed.It will call the Replace Node Text method recursively and replace the HTML underline tag. Listing 8 Site Map Node Site Map_Site Map Resolve(object sender, Site Map Resolve Event Args e) //remove tag recursively internal Site Map Node Replace Node Text(Site Map Node smn) Using the Code: Since the menu is in the master page, right click the website project, add new item, Web Form and check the Select Master Page checkbox. NET Horizontal Menu Control Introduction: A few weeks ago, I was working on an ASP.NET web application and need a simple horizontal menu with submenu. NET Menu control, just drag and drop the control on to the page.

Listing 7 //create access key button void Create Access Key Button(string ak, string url) The Site Map.That being said, it will loop through each site Map Node and look for the accesskey and target attribute.There is a target property associated with the menu item and we can set its target window with the target attribute value. Listing 5 void Navigation Menu_Menu Item Data Bound(object sender, Menu Event Args e) To get the access key to work, add a Panel control on to the master page and a Java Script function to redirect the webpage to the one that is specified. Listing 6 Below is the implementation of the Create Access Key Button method.I have a site with some 1.800.000 nodes sitemap has now 150.000 i frequently have this error of sitemap not found and the is not there also the other sitemaps (3) get wrong after some time I have to update cache files and then the sitemap is ok, but after some time again it disapears. The sitemap is created, works ok for a while, then at some point requests start to return 404.The sitemap cache file still exists and seems fine. I can confirm that the problem occurs only after a while (@see niryariv).Site Map Resolve = new Site Map Resolve Event Handler(Site Map_Site Map Resolve); Below is the implementation of the method.


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