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If you are on a low income it’s likely that Medicaid will be able to offer assistance.Medicaid deals with all aspects of healthcare for low income families, so see if you are eligible.Both options can be very good, but both can be expensive and create yet another problem for single mothers.TANF may be able to help (see link given earlier) or take a look at the webpage linked below.

To find out, follow the link here: If you find that you don’t qualify for Medicaid, Idaho has another program that can help.Assistance with food As a mother, you know that growing children need the best of nutrition to be healthy and to grow up strong.You don’t want to feed them on junk food, but good foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products and other nutritious staples can cost a lot of money.TANF provides temporary help to needy families, and it can be exactly what you need to get life back on a positive path.But, do be aware that the help is temporary, and anyone accepted on a TANF help program can only receive that assistance for a maximum of 48 months.WIC programs are aimed at people just like you…women who may be pregnant or breastfeeding, or who have young children.


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