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As a hypercharged megacelebrity, Gaga seems extremely out of touch with normal people, and her quick fix solutions and simplistic view of the world just don’t cut it for Lisa. She apologizes for being ungrateful, realizing that blowing up at her was like a big stress reliever and fixed all her problems. They have a lot of the ingredients for satire there and they partially execute them, consciously or not, but for whatever reason, they just roll over and let themselves be just another glorified platform for a gigantic celebrity.

By the end of the show, she rightfully explodes at her, calling Gaga out on being shallow and self-centered. It’s the starfucking I expect from a disposable supermarket tabloid, not what was once the greatest comedy series of all time.

I mean, momentous show-changing event of the new relationship between Ned Flanders and Edna Krabappel?

After revealing they did indeed stay together in a quick scene in the season premiere, now we finally check back in on these two, and it turns out they got married in secret.

She’s almost militant about it, screaming “No negativity!

” at a man who’s been stuck against the side of her train for days. ), she hones in on Lisa’s sadness, and then takes it upon herself to follow her around everywhere and poke and prod her into cheering up.

This episode goes beyond the show’s typical celebrity naval-gazing, this is a full-on Lady Gaga dick sucking session.

What an absolutely shameless plea for publicity; it even had its own hashtag when it first aired, #Gaga Kisses Marge.

This is the shit that I expect from garbage reality shows on Bravo trying to boost their ratings. Going forward, I will be incredibly surprised to come across a worse episode than this. Original airdate: May 13, 2012 The premise: When Ned and Edna reveal they’ve already gotten married, Marge volunteers to throw them a make-up party.

But their union runs into trouble when Edna decides to enroll Rod and Todd into public school.

The reaction: Remember that desperate marketing gimmick…


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