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Hill and the two Watkins children were interred atldeon.

O^e seeing allis could not help but think afterthat people really care for their How man.

Medlln, whoruins, with part of-one corner still i „ JLwas* not covered "Ef I'labs^ i "°\Fh d'^'i ^concrete was gone completely.

J \JLL 1lci uclullcustock .especialy horses and hogs. Robinson Intends to rebuild visit Peggs anu report on supplies Prom (he south, looking into soon as convenient, and possibly " " L ; was a town a few hours before, one others may start anew.could seen nothing but destruction— dead stock, rubbish or all kinds, dnd I Geo. The two large concrete stores lay in ' The home of Oeo. Blllle has H i taken to tho brush with a posse at H his heel-i and they art hopeful at■ setting him.

With the ex-ception of William Llttlefield andwife, who are seriously injured, allwere only slightly hurt.

Ten injured were brought to Lo-cust Grove last night.

W Hastings lasttimbers, the large amount of dead proved or damaged. Theyed help and need It the worst crops and stock are destroyedd they are without a way to earnliving unless these essentials arepplled, The amounts subscribednot sufficient for their needs,mporarlly every one has a barerflclency, but later how can theirnger be satisfied unless the peopleme to their rescue more liberally."Hic . One hundred persons were moreless disabled and of this numberleast fifty were badly hurt, ofilch 32 are in hospitals at Tahle-ah and Muskogee.

Peggs Gin Co.; Arriving at the towp, the first L-en Ogle Orlst Mill and others, he- ol the First "atlonithing seen was the broken and fallen sides every dwelling was totally de- j Congiessman W. NEW YORK STORE -*■Peggs people are In want, havingat their all, clothing, bedding,3d and even cooking utensils.

Miller and her familyowe their lives to a small dirt cellar,having taken reuge thereir. THE FIRST STATE BANKCapital ,000.00Surplus 20,000.00THE BANK WHERE YOU FEEL' ATi HOME. Mr.few- residences stood, or what was' Medlln was injured on the head,left of them. I totally demolished by the tor-In the north part of the town a I nacl° "lat destroyed Peggs. This newspaper is part of the collection entitled: Oklahoma Digital Newspaper Program and was provided to The Gateway to Oklahoma History by the Oklahoma Historical Society. THE ARROW-DEMOCRATOFFICIAL PAPER OF CITY AND COUNTY —PUBLISHED BY THE ARROW PUBLISHING COMPANYSuccessor to the Cherokee County Democrat and Tahlequah Arrow. This accounts for thel-spattered condition of every-hing. These,iowever, were remarkably few, andiow any living animal could haveeen in the palh of the storm andtill survive is a wonder. All the Stevens family, 11 in Burn-er dead, was lowered Into one rge grave. Threeere buried in the cemetery northt Peggs and Dr. WATSON AND CHILD."BABY" STEPHENS, slightly in-jured, taken to Locust Grove. The school house that stood west'own, erected last year at a cost,500, and made of cementdocks, is partly standing, the eastilde and both ends are down. What was a fine field of wheat Sunday evening was nearly barrenif even the soil Monday morning,["he wheat, soil, tites and everything■emovable was carried away withstorm. Ralston ear-Monday morning organized a Dree of about 75 volunteers to digravetf and in twenty hours 18 bodiesrere placed therein, and Tuesdayvening the work was completed,avlng buried 43 bodies in the New[ome cemetery. WILL RLEVIXSanil llaliy.cifully gave them a thick coat ofmud.


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