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The number of weeks of compensation for permanent injuries is set by a statutory schedule.The workers' compensation insurance carrier works for the employer, not the employee.Initially, once you report the injury, the company sees that you are given medical care.

Answer: Generally, MVAs on state or federal highways are investigated by the Mississippi Highway Patrol, while those on city streets are investigated by city policemen.

If there are ANY injuries of any type, no matter how slight, call for help by dialing 911 or calling for an ambulance.

Should I call for a law enforcement officer to investigate the MVA? No matter how slight the accident, you should make certain a law enforcement officer investigates and writes a report.

If your company has a designated person to whom to report workers' compensation claims, then you can report to that person.

A large number of workers' compensation claims are contested on the basis that the company had no notice of the injury.


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