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Now that you have an idea of what type of evidence that you are expected to provide, and the relative strength of the different types of evidence, I hope that this will assist you and your partner with planning out your application before you prepare and lodge it.

It is a lot easier to prepare a properly evidenced application if you start to plan your application from the moment that you decide that you want to apply for a partner or spouse visa (i.e.

This definition clearly implies that de-facto partners are expected to share various aspects of their lives with each other, including finances, liabilities, assets and contractual obligations.

Demonstrating that you and your partner are jointly responsibility for the care and support of your child or children will likely be seen as strong evidence of your relationship.

You can apply the same principle to your insurance policy, gym membership etc.

It is critical that you provide this type of evidence as it adds context, colour and life to your application.

These documents also demonstrate several factors which your case officer is required to take into consideration such as the ‘social aspect of your relationship’.

I have seen case officers take the view that just providing documents that are addressed to you or your partner only is not sufficient.

Their reasoning is that there isn’t enough evidence of your ‘shared life’. Do you share any other hobbies, classes or activities?


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