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In a statement, she said she didn’t want Hitler to return “under any circumstances”, admitting she posted the images but insisting she did not condone them. ” Party officials said they were treating the allegations very seriously, forming a panel to investigate Ms Roon, although it was unclear whether she would be removed as an election candidate.If I had any evidence, I would forward it to the relevant college authorities …and An Garda Síochána if such reports and sources implicated UCD students in ‘revenge porn’”.The effectiveness of their campaign however to reach those objectifying and degrading women is brought into question by this latest controversy.Consent workshops or campaigns can often be constituted by those who are already informed and understanding of issues like consent, and can alienate the ‘lads’ they are targeted at.“I am convinced that I violated neither the statute nor the principles of the party,” he added.

“Our largest campaign this year over at UCD Students’ Union is on sexual consent – the #Not Asking For It campaign.Björn Höcke called on Germans to take a more “positive” attitude towards their history in a speech last month, calling them a “brutally defeated people” who should stop attempts to atone for Nazi crimes.Party leaders voted by the necessary two-thirds majority to open expulsion proceedings against Mr Höcke on Monday.The popular app Yik Yak bore witness to a vicious storm between those disgusted with the alleged groups behaviour and those defending the reputation of Ag Science students.First year student, Sarah (who requested her surname be withheld) outlined her understanding of the group chat as operating “with around 200 Ag Science lads involved, all from different years, where they shared stories about girls they had sex with, shared the girls’ nudes, and then posted the girls’ facebook pages where they’d all rate them out of 10.” Another online poster proportining to be a student involved in the group chat defended the members, ‘as an Ag lad who’s in most of the groups, I have to say we’re not all the same…The group is understood to be made up of predominately Agricultural Science students, in what is now the second controversy involving members of the course in a year.


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