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Internet identifiers and all designations used by sex offenders for purposes of routing or self-identification in Internet communications or postings, including email addresses, instant messaging addresses or any other designation used in internet communication; (I) Driver’s License and Identification Card.

A photocopy of all valid driver’s licenses or identification cards, if any, issued to the offender by any and all jurisdictions; (J) Passport and Immigration Documents.

All primary and given names, alias(es), nicknames, and pseudonyms to include ethnic and tribal names (regardless of the context in which they are used, actual date of birth and any purported dates of birth, and actual social security number and any purported social security numbers used, if any, and any other identifying factors; (B) Residential and Physical Address.

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The following persons shall have the absolute duty to register on Guam at the Judiciary of Guam, Probation Division, pursuant to this Chapter: (1) Residents.

Any person who resides on Guam that has been or is hereafter convicted of a sex offense; and (2) Non-Residents.

Any other information as may be deemed appropriate by the Judiciary of Guam, Probation Office or the designated Guam agency in charge of managing the Sex Offender Registry. The Judiciary of Guam, Probation Office, or the designated agency that manages Guam’s Sex Offender Registry in which the sex offender registers shall ensure that the following information is included in the Guam Sex Offender Registry for that sex offender: (A) Physical Description.

A physical description of the offender, to include a written general physical description of the offender and any distinguishing physical characteristics or marks such as birthmarks, scars, moles, and tattoos, and its location on the offender.


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