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Clad in their cheerleader ensembles, Helen was seen questioning Brandi Glanville over her childhood and while Brandi admitted she had never been a cheerleader, she claimed she used to 'sell weed' to her school friends.The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star said: 'My dad grew it, so I stole it and I sold it.' Helen and Sandi were left shocked at Brandi's admission and she left them even more open-mouthed as she confessed: 'I blackmailed my dad once... 'We all wanted a 100 bucks - my sister, brother and I - and we said we were going to call the police.'In the real world you're going to be in LA anyway and this is my real life and I've probably just thrown something...I don't know what I'm doing man.'Chad cheekily asked if that meant he has now been 'friend-zoned', with Sarah telling him: 'You don't live here and you don't have consequences, I have.'Elsewhere in the episode, another romance was beginning to blossom for Sam and former X Factor star Amelia Lily.

Chad, despite having already locked lips with Sarah, reassured him: 'I never hit on other guy's girls. His snog with Sarah appeared to be talk of the house, with Made In Chelsea's Sam winding up Sarah and prying it out of her that she had kissed her housemate, despite her initial denial. It’s like, ‘Oh my God, he thinks she’s going to be blonde, she’s so not blonde. ’ Did things get quite bitchy between the guys and the girls sometimes? ’ And then you kind of put yourself into someone else’s position and think, ‘Oh God, would I be like that?I was in high school, 100 bucks was so much money back then.Girls Aloud beauty Sarah Harding turns matchmaker in her new role as presenter of Dating In The Dark, where eight single guys and girls grope for love in a darkened room… They’d banter, but underneath it all you’d know there was a battle of the egos going on, definitely. Do you think the girls are a little more realistic in their expectations? No offence, lads — girls, in general are a little bit more in touch with their emotions and intuition, and I think Dating In The Dark shows guys can be a lot more shallow!Sarah Harding Addicts is a fan site and has no affiliation with Sarah or anyone else connected to her.


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