Rani mukherjee dating history

The much married and family man Govinda could not escape the charms of Rani Mukerji during their foreign shooting of the movie. Rani Mukerji’s cousin and actor Kajol also was curious on when she was getting married.They always denied their relationship but it was no secret in the movie fraternity. Rani Mukerji was said to be very close to the Bachchan family and the two were said to be dating and talks of marriage floated around the tinsel town. Bachchan came to a halt with the entry of Aishwarya Rai in Abhishek’s life. Aditya Chopra divorced his wife Payal Khanna, after love came knocking on his door in form of Rani Mukerji.Finally, #Rani Mukerji married #Aditya Chopra .there seems to be no Surya ‘üday’ for our #Uday Chopra Congratulations ? #Uday Chopra needlessly trending as the best man in #Aditya Chopra and #Rani Mukerji wedding... born on 21st March, 1978 is supposedly getting a lavish surprise birthday party by her beau Aditya Chopra.Lots of love to the newlyweds." Uday is pretty active on Twitter but he was off the radar for the past few days, leading up to the wedding. His tweet before this was on 16 April, where he said, "Is it wrong of me to be hoping for a zombie apocalypse? We're pretty sure that was not a reference to the upcoming wedding!

Rani and Aditya are both fiercely private people and have a close-knit group of friends.Obviously, there are also the not-so-friendlies in their life.Based on their personal and Bollywood histories, here's a list of wedding guests and wedding snubs that we've come up with.UDAY CHOPRAAditya Chopra's younger brother was sure to have been a part of the wedding party.He tweeted on the afternoon of 22 April, a day after the weddding, ""We welcome Rani Chopra to the family.Particularly, if the rumours are true, and she might be tying the knot with the younger Chopra sometime in the future. ) but the fact is there's no love lost between them.


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