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All Living Voice products reflect our desire to provide the committed music enthusiast with a coherent, artistically convincing and emotionally engaging experience.This approach originally led us to develop the Auditorium loudspeaker design.The most revered audio designers are no longer strictly concerned with the objective world of measurements and specifications.Instead they explore the world of human expression and human sentiment as captured in the recorded musical performance.It remains the case today — if we can’t find a product we consider resolves a particular issue to the performance level we aspire to, then we’ll examine the possibilities of creating it ourselves.This is rarely driven primarily by cost or marketing considerations in the conventional sense.

Others believe it is derived from early English pronunciation of "mosquito hawk" or "skeeter hawk", a name commonly used for the dragonfly.

The Auditorium Series consists of 4 models with the option of inboard (IBX) or outboard (OBX) crossover electronics on the two top models.

Living Voice products At the high-end of audio design, art and science merge.

Whatever the origin, the name Kitty Hawk was spelled as it is today on old land deeds dating back to the eighteenth century.

The Town of Kitty Hawk is rich in history and tradition.


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