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(NT) -- Hawt Plus Seksi, 11/04/17 Sat Thats a good point but back then there were less countries competing in pageants as there are today (33 in 1954, 30 in 1956, 43 in 1960 and 56 in 1967, as opposed to 85 in 2008, 84 in 2014, 86 in 2015 and 85 in 2017).

We all know filipinos love pageants and they train very hard, but beauty should still be a factor and this girl, just like Karla Henry in 2008 and Jessica Trisko from Canada in 2007, who was part filipino, lack in the beauty department (NT) -- JF, 11/05/17 Sun In the beginning years of Miss Universe there were FAR fewer countries competing than at the present time as well.

It was really between Philippines and Russia, followed by Thailand and Australia.

Philippines won four titles in a span of 10 years and with a field of 80 girls each year.

Biased and rigged (NT) -- Not following Miss Earth anymore, 11/07/17 Tue Miss Earth just shot itself in the foot again. This pageant never had credibility, hope this is the end of it., 11/05/17 Sun Philippines is winning in most, if not all, beauty pageants in the world, whether you like it or not.

Though we need to take into account that cultural and beauty norms were a bit different at that time.

Miss Earth is also a good looking woman, but if we look at her, I just do not see one of four or five best looking girls on this planet.


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