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He was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts in the third round of the 2000 NFL Draft.

Marques Hagans, born December 29, 1982, is an American football wide receiver for the Washington Redskins of the National Football League. Louis Rams in the fifth round of the 2006 NFL Draft.

Nick "The Goat" Thompson, born June 23, 1981, is an American mixed martial artist.

As of February 20, 2008, he holds a professional mixed martial arts record of 36-10-1.

He was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the fourth round of the 1999 NFL Draft.

Brooks played for the New Orleans Saints and Oakland Raiders.

With the Steelers' victory in Super Bowl XLIII on February 1, 2009, Tomlin became the youngest head coach to lead his team to a Super Bowl victory.

One of the most well-known artists from Newport News is none other than the “First Lady of Song," Jazz Vocalist, Ella Jane Fitzgerald!And so do the three staff members who are responsible for the care and feeding of all the items!In the maritime world the phrase “between wind and water” usually refers to the part of a ship’s side or bottom that is exposed by the rolling of the vessel while under sail or following the firing of cannons during battle. Navy submariners commonly fashioned informal battle flags adorned with symbols marking the successes they achieved during combat war patrols. is credited with sinking more than 29.5 Axis vessels totaling an estimated 146,808 gross registered tons—causing severe damage to a number of others.In 1935, Ava Gardner, who became an American singer and actress, moved to Newport News when she was 13 years old and attended Elementary and High School here.Joyce Bulifant, born December 16, 1937, was an actress and appeared on Broadway and Television (Perry Mason, The Bill Cosby Show, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Flo. Most recently Faison played in Tyler Perry's Meet The Browns Austin Roberts, born September 17, 1945, Singer and Songwriter: noted for work on Hanna-Barbera Saturday Morning Cartoons; Josie and the Pussycats and the second season of Scooby-Doo, Where are you!He has fought professionally in both the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and Bodog Fight.


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