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Nelly continued the collaboration with Eaton and West who helped produce her debut album called Whoa, Nelly! The album was a huge success and she then released some supporting singles called I’m like a Bird, Turn off the Light and On the Radio (Remember the Days).She received four Grammy nominations in 2002 followed by Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for her debut single.She also won many popular awards in her successful career. Singer Nelly Furtado, 31, launched her career in 2000 with the single I’m Like A Bird. I bought seven pairs of designer shoes today – I’m stockpiling them to delight my fans with on stage. If you were a bird, what sort of bird would you be? It’s hard to put myself into those shoes but anything is possible. She has topped the charts many times with hit songs like I’m Like a Bird in 2000, Promiscuous in 2006 and Say it Right in 2007. Nelly was born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.Her parents were Portuguese and were emigrants from the Azores.

She has made her reputation worldwide selling 20 million albums and 20 million singles bringing her total sales to over 40 million.

She then notched up hits including Maneater and Promiscuous, and Broken Strings with James Morrison. Maybe I wish Justin, Timbaland and I hadn’t put out that dis song Give It To Me. They told me it was for a radio interview and I got there and there was a stage, microphone and kids waiting for me to perform. He’s one of my favourite authors and he said he liked my new single. I have pigeons that keep leaving eggs in my planters. Maybe I was a pigeon in a past life or maybe a finch or condor or even a pterodactyl – they’re big and strong and getting places.

Her greatest hits are out now and a new album follows next year. To surround yourself with people with great energy and make the right choices – you’re more defined by what you say no to than what you say yes to. If you stay precious about your music and put love into it, the fans will respect it. It was like the first ever pop dis song – a genre usually reserved for rap. I also performed at a coffee shop in Nebraska at 6am for some weird radio show where they were having a competition to see who could pour the most orange juice on to someone else’s head. Working with so many people has been great – Missy Elliott, James Morrison, Justin Timberlake – they must have liked what I do to invite me to work with them. I’m going to bring the trombone back for my gigs – show them how it’s done, people wouldn’t be expecting that. If you were in a plane crash, would you eat the other passengers to stay alive?

Nelly performed this song in Lisbon in the finals of the European Football. For more details on her biography we can always visit any wiki sites and IMDb.

Then she eventually released her third album named Loose which also was a success. She dated Ashton Kutcher, Jasper Gahunia and Demo Castellon. Nelly also has her own website where her videos can be found and is a regular internet user.


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