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This episode received 5.13 million views during its premiere weekend among viewers at the 9-14 year old demographic for the week of September 12, 2011-September 18, 2011. [turns off the web cast] Carly: [to Sam and Freddie] So, last week you two made me your involuntary Couple's Counselor. Sam: [runs to Gibby and throws him on the floor while screaming] Gibby: Your son, Freddie... The episodes starts with Sam and Carly playing with magnetic fish and Sam eating jerky. He then tells them he has finished editing the Adventures of Super Bra. Then you edited me out of "Super Bra" and tonight you made me do i Carly by myself. Sam and Freddie: [glaring at Gibby] Sam: [mad] Gibby? Sam and Freddie stand there awkwardly until Carly pushes Sam and Freddie together until they kiss. Gibby sings a love song for everyone to celebrate Sam and Freddie not breaking up. Freddie: [runs to the seat] Alright c'mon let's watch the trailer Mrs. Spencer is seen downstairs eating yeast and being very emotional (he cries a little bit during he eat yeast). Benson: [comes into the Shay's apartment holding a silver bar] Freddie! Benson attempts to bribe Freddie into breaking up with Sam by giving him 100 grams of palladium worth 0,000. There it is revealed to Sam and Freddie that Gibby was the one that outed their romance to Mrs. Benson, next Sam becomes furious and beats up Gibby so badly that he dislocates a breast bone and loses a clump of hair, and kicked Spencer in the groin. They devise a plan to tell Freddie that Sam messed with his application in hopes it will split them. Carly runs downstairs, telling Spencer that she felt guilty. He shows her pictures on his Pear Pad that show Sam and Freddie acting like a couple. Benson is clearly outraged and as the scene ends she and Gibby start forming a plan. Freddie: [gets off the chair he was sitting on; looks confused and shocked] How'd you know? Later while Carly and Sam are at Glitter Gloss, Mrs. Sam and Freddie then go on another movie date only to come back to the studio late and miss a webcast of i Carly.

Gibby, now the subject of abuse, concocts a plan to split up Freddie and Sam. The fifth season of i Carly began airing on Nickelodeon on August 13, 2011 and finished its run on January 21, 2012.This season features Carly Shay (Miranda Cosgrove), Sam Puckett (Jennette Mc Curdy), Freddie Benson (Nathan Kress) and Gibby Gibson (Noah Munck) as their web show, i Carly, is becoming more popular worldwide, with Sam and Freddie now as a confirmed couple, until the episode, "i Love You". It's "New Electronics Research and Development camp! Gibby: I care about women's personal needs, a'ight? Spencer: Why do you get text updates from Glitter Gloss?Carly: So, things are going good with you and Freddie?


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