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It offers a quality of life that even a reasonably affluent Briton can only dream of back in the UK.Here, even the average expat family has a swimming pool and staff, and, in the more temperate winter months, life unfolds in a sun-dappled succession of afternoons at the beach, poolside parties and barbecues.Anyone caught consuming alcohol in public, particularly under the legal age, can be subject to prison, corporal punishment and deportation.The answer, for the recklessly determined (and they seem to be in the majority) is to drink in private, particularly if they are underage — either at their parents’ homes or in one of the many unoccupied, easily accessible apartments in the city and its suburbs.Gatherings are often highly organised affairs, with invitations distributed via social networking sites or flyers, and ‘guests’ are sometimes charged.The going rate is between 30-100 dirhams, or £6-16 a head.'Known as ‘huffing’, it was given as the cause of death of 16-year-old American student Anton Tahmasian, who collapsed at a house-party two years ago after sniffing butane from canisters. This week, one parent told the Mail she had been summoned back to her five-bedroom villa in the Al Barsha area of Dubai — an area favoured by expats — shortly before Christmas by a panicked phone call from her 14-year-old daughter, Sophie.In an emotional video he posted on Snapchat today, he insisted he was just letting off steam and blamed his wife for 'drawing him into it'. I only went out yesterday because 'm so stressed out with all that drama that's gone on and I wanted to let myself go.'I went out with a group of friends. It shows the duo in a nightclub and smiling and posing at the camera.

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We choose books through voting during meetings or by recommendation from repeat members.'A lot of his friends are in shock but also really scared,' said Ben, who was in the same social circles As Ben explains, the weekends are all about alcohol for expat teenagers here in the Emirates — with pay-for-entry parties, often held in deserted, unfinished apartment blocks, featuring not just drinking but widespread abuse of butane and other intoxicating gases.Baby-faced Ben moves in the same social circles as Harry Harling, the 15-year-old schoolboy who fell to his death this week from the 11th floor of a disused Dubai apartment block after an alcohol-fuelled night out.Our group is public, open to all, and meets regularly. The contact isn’t actually a milkman, though he does make regular bottled deliveries to the streets around the affluent, manicured communities favoured by the expatriates of Dubai, where Ben, a British schoolboy, has lived with his parents for the past five years.Most of them were too terrified to speak out for fear of punishment, not only from their parents but from the authorities.


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