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For 1900 years of Church history, Gods people believed that marriage was Gods chosen relationship for the expression of sexual and romantic passion.

When godly young people grew in desire towards the opposite sex, they didn't date -- they married. Department of Health and Human Services, the percentage of sexually active teenage girls, rose from 12% in 1955 to 70% by 1988.

But they contend that it would be harmful if tried now. Let us consider, can those who support dating demonstrate . It is like someone dying from lung cancer, who lies in a hospital bed touting the benefits of smoking and criticizing those who abstain.

Consider which harsh realities do we have in this century which were absent in the past? If you wanted to keep your children sexually pure, which generation of Christians would you listen to the one with 43% of their children sexually active, or the one with pure children?

The Fool does not want to imply that he has checked all of the quotations and their citations and found that they are all out of context, but this sample should be sufficient to help the cautious reader be aware of possible problems and do his own checking. He makes much of "internal evidence" to confirm the Bible's trustoworthiness, but does not deal with even simple problems of the New Testament's lack of accuracy like the account by Peter in Acts of Judas' death, and the contradictory account by hanging described in Mt. There is a whole chapter called "Did you hear what happened to Saul?

" but the Fool did not find any indication of the three different stories in Acts of what happened to Saul?

Earlier in the day, the Fool had heard Mc Dowell talk in the Free Speech area on the same campus.

The main point of the earlier talk seemed to be the statistical improbability of Jesus not being God.

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It is simply not possible for the Fool to have confidence in Mc Dowell's use of the Bible.Mc Dowell's statement of Robinson's thesis about early dating is not faithful to the book's conclusion, but just a small part of it that suits Mc Dowell's purpose. 96 cited as 1859, (but which was probably written in 1841) is out of place between a 1972 Inter-Varsity Press book and a 1967 Scripture Press Publication.The Fool thinks that the famous Headmaster of Rugby would find himself to be a strange filling in this sandwich of writers separated by over 100 years of biblical research and understanding.Mc Dowell said, "There are 333 prophecies all performed in one person, Jesus Christ." The Fool kept wondering what would happen mathematically if just one of the alleged prophecies turned out to be false.As a result of hearing these talks and commenting on them causally, a friend of the Fool gave him Mc Dowell's book More Than a Carpenter to read.If you wanted advice on preparing your children to have strong, lasting marriages, would you seek help from a generation with a 50% divorce rate or from one in which divorce was rare?


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