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TK: I think Blue is good to highlight the breadth of the trans experience.

Whenever we do discuss trans storylines he’s always positioned to be accepting of other people’s experiences as well.

His main feedback on that was that we were focusing too much on the genitalia and not enough on identity.

So we responded and rewrote immediately because, obviously, we’re not the experts.

You can do some really exciting, interesting, challenging things.

For example, I just wrote a cliffhanger involving Chops the dog getting resuscitated in ED after being run over.

’I would just hope we have a good enough relationship that the actors or the community can tell us what we are doing wrong.

But if you make that no part of the story at all, and instead raise questions like ‘how do I get a job’ or ‘do I like my Mum’, those are normal kid angst problems.But even then, I get most of it when someone passes it on.You want a sense of the pulse, and what people are leaning forward for and what turns them off, but you still can’t read all the comments. There’s a huge responsibility that comes with that as well.As a writer, there’s the stress around not knowing enough about what you are writing about.I’m sure there were times when Tash got the script and was like ‘what the fuck are they on about?When we were first talking about Blue we knew wanted to do it properly and responsibly.


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