Lotus notes local replica not updating

After the server is located, properties on the user object in Active Directory are used to find the free/busy message in the public folder.Each free/busy message is a representation of the days and times that are busy and the days and times that are not busy for a single person or resource.For example, a slot that contains both an OOF (3) appointment and a tentative (1) appointment is coded as OOF (3).More specifically, free/busy data is stored in multiple groups of multi-valued integer arrays.Calendar Connector requires permissions to read and create items in the Free/Busy system folder.

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When there are multiple appointments in a single timeslot, the appointment with the highest status number is selected.Each administrative group in the Exchange organization includes a Free/Busy folder.You must install Calendar Connector on a server that is running Exchange Server that contains a replica of the free/busy system folder for the administrative group.In the Client Permissions dialog box, verify that the Default account is assigned the Editor role.The publishing of free/busy data is a client operation performed by Outlook and Outlook Web Access.Free/busy refers to certain information published by a messaging client for a user.


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