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We’ve included a variety of videos related to domestic violence and healthy relationships that we hope will be interesting, useful resources for you.

Our website has links to many other agencies, and in a few cases we link to private organizations.

Many dealers with specialities including collectables, miliatria, lighting, furniture etc. Set over two rooms, a cabinet room and a large open plan room on the 1st floor you will find a wide variety of different antique, retro, vintage and collectable items. opening times 10am - 4pm Oct - April ..11am - 4pm May - September.

We also offer a free valuation service on most items, clock repairs and will be open to buying items of interest. Telephone: 01787 474451The Centre has 5 floors with the Black Goo café on the top floor we have period furniture in Dark Woods, Oak and Pine, Arts and Crafts, Jewellery, garden Furniture, Oriental, Painted Furniture etc.

Crowe has put the tombstone up for sale on several Facebook groups.

She says she has received a number of complaints, telling her that she's disrespectful, or that she's "going to be haunted."Crowe says she's willing to donate the gravestone, but no one seems to want it.

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Just the mere presence of a gun in a domestic violence situation increases the risk of fatality for women by five times.Established in 1960, we carry a large variety of antiques ranging from Early Georgian to Edwardian.Our warehouse is 10,000sq ft and our site has ample parking. Telephone: 01245 401 210Antique Centre with over 70 dealers with a very mixed selection. Telephone: 01279 722012Large Antiques centre covering 16,000 sq ft over three floors, selling a variety of town and country antiques to suit all tastes and pockets.Nicola Crowe says she found the gravestone buried and broken into three pieces while she was renovating the entrance to her home in the Albany suburb of Delmar.Spectrum News reports she has contacted local historical societies, who say the person whose name is on the stone isn't buried on Crowe's property.We export worldwide and have been a member of LAPADA since it started. Situated 1 min walk from main line British Rail Station. Ample parking with 5 antique centres and an auction house within 5 mins walk of each other. Onsite parking, Disabled access, Restoration, upholstery and picture framing service. The Bones Lane antiques centre comprises of several historical and traditional buildings (some up to 500 years old).


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