Lee jun ki dating

Namoo Actors added the couple have been carefully dating since the beginning of 2016.

Meanwhile, tv N announced they are cancelling the second part of Lee Joon Gi's appearance on "My Ear's Candy" with Park Min Young after the actor confirmed his relationship with Jeon Hye Bin.

Setelah kemarin netizen sempat dihebohkan dengan pemberitaan Lee Jun Ki yang berpacaran dengan aktris Jeon Hye Bin.

Sekarang, Lee Jun Ki malah merasa bersalah dan pengin meminta maaf kepada semua fans-nya. Sebenarnya, kabar antara hubungan Lee Jun Ki dan Jeon Hye Bin sempat terdengar beberapa tahun lalu. Nah, barulah di tahun ini, Lee Jun Ki terbuka soal hubungannya.

Kedepannya, I’d like to make up for it by showing you more genuine and careful actions.

I will try harder to give back the love and trust I got from you with a good acting,” lanjutnya.

Thus, the 34-year-old actor recently released a public apology to do damage control against losing legions of delulu stans.

“You guys, I was just about to tell you, but then those dastardly press got in the way!

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Aside from the statement released by Namoo Actors, Lee Joon Gi and Jeon Hye Bin have yet to speak up about their relationship.A day after a media outlet linked Lee Joon Gi with his "Gunman in Joseon" co-actor Jeon Hye Bin, the pair finally confirmed dating rumors through their label, Namoo Actors, on Tuesday."Lee Joon Gi and Jeon Hye Bin met as colleagues through a drama in 2014, and when the first dating rumor report was released, they were good friends at the time," the label announced as per Soompi.But contrary to initial reports claiming that the two have been in a relationship for two years, Namoo Actors clarified their artists started dating just last year.Although the pair share a lot of similarities, their agency said Lee Joon Gi and Jeon Hye Bin went through a lot of thinking before they decided to level up their relationship.Namun, di saat yang bersamaan, Lee Jun Ki malah mendapatkan kritikan dari netizen Korea.


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