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If you can study more than that, it is well and good. Now you have figured out the problem – that your English is poor. Buy a basic Grammar book – read it, listen to English news on TV and radio, try to write something in English, everyday (don’t worry if it is very bad, keep trying) Necessity should push you to learn.

But please ensure that you also get 6-8 hours of sound sleep.

The window for intercourse for those avoiding pregnancy is five days before and five days after menstruation, granting that you menstruate for four days only. On the other hand, if the number of days of your cycle is irregular, you have to compute for the days to determine when one is likely fertile.

He owns Café Juanita, Haru Sushi Bar, and Shunji Hair Studio in Pasig. Vazquez says that there’s no method that can give you 100-percent assurance that you will not get pregnant.You will notice that there will be a time when the basal body temperature will rise.If your temperature suddenly goes up, compared to your previous temperatures, that may mean that you have ovulated and are likely fertile and may conceive after intercourse.These natural methods of birth control are by no means fool-proof and thus may fail for many reasons.One should consider, for example, that sperm may survive in the fallopian tubes for a few days and the egg for one day after release; furthermore, more than one egg may be released in one ovulation.Consider a menstrual cycle that is 35 days (shortest) to 45 days (being the longest).


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