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Lately, I’ve started thinking of some alternative careers. There are huge differences between what men and women mean when they say this, and in how men and women perceive dating and relationships. The morning after the first amorous date with my wife, she said, unprompted, that she wanted to take things slow. ” As a male commitment-phobe, it was magic to my ears. Why is she so actively involved if she doesn’t want to take things too seriously and go slow?

One that came to mind, after speaking with my friend Amy, is that I could be an inter-species translator. This contradiction would have bothered me in most cases if she had been someone who—bingo! Now, when a boy says he “wants to go slow” or “not take things too seriously,” he, um, really means it.

Imagine what help that could be to the online dating community! —I also wanted to not take things too seriously with. (Guys: I didn’t tell her this of course until she finally admitted she did as well.) The point is that I realized her saying she wanted to go slow was a kind of defense mechanism. Actually what he’s really saying is, “I’m not ready for any emotional involvement at all.” He just wants company.

Amy was telling me about how she was dating this guy but “didn’t want to take things too seriously.” “Did you tell him this? And the great thing is that he feels exactly the same way! And if you really like him, then you should avoid him.

Lollapalooza can get you to do some crazy stuff: Stage dive in pasties, rip off all your clothes to protest censorship or maybe incite wheelchair-bound attendees to crowd surf. indie-pop act's guitarist Blake Sennett (a Rilo Kiley alum) told Fuse his memories of the Chicago fest "are rife with bondage gear, performance art and Perry Ferrell swinging his hips." But vocalist Jarrod Gorbel said he's getting a full-body tattoo, re-piercing his nipples getting a penis piercing (better known as a Prince Albert...google it if you're brave) to "celebrate the original Lollapalooza."Gorbel added that modern-day freak show act Jim Rose Circus "was part of Lollapalooza and I want to bring that back.

He has to get there on his own—usually through some brutal trial and error. But a simple answer of “yes” to the question “Do you want something authentic?

” will indicate that he’s not looking for a hoochie mama.

For Night Terrors of 1927, it inspires a whole different type of excitement—one that includes heavy-duty body modification. I want to pull lots of heavy weights from my nipples, from my genitals, what have you. Let's do it for the olden days of Lollapalooza.""There's a lot of heartbreak in there; accepting the fact that love will never fulfill you.

Ostensibly for us, the end of the world may be in sight.


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