Ipod shuffle play count not updating

When introduced, in 1993 or '94, the Grado SR60 was cheap by hi-fi standards—just .

The early '90s were a great era for personal sound—ie, headphones.

The latest versions are i OS 8.4, i Tunes and OS in my mac is 10.10.4 After this, I have noticed the play count is not updating.

While the software update that's available now through the Android and i OS Mighty app does bring some welcome improvements, there's one big item the company still plans to address: You are still limited to Spotify content on Mighty.

The company says adding other sources is in the works for next year.

All of a sudden these features have stopped working. On Windows I killed the i Podservice and i Tuneshelper processes.

(I've had this shuffle since January and it worked just fine till last week.) If I play a tune from i Tunes on the computer, the play count & date are updated; but if I play a tune on the i Pod, this information doesn't change as it used to. That allowed me to view the i Shuffle memory in an Explorer window. (Be sure they are not hidden.) Pull the i Shuffle out, launch i Tunes (to restart the services - or reboot to play it safe), and plug the i Shuffle back in.


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