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Unlike most, you can create virtual products and gain computer graphics skills.You can also enhance your writing skills and let your creativity blossom, though it is easy to get hooked to the idea of constant creative juices flowing in and around you, just as you can get hooked on Facebook applications and My Space groups That does not mean IMVU is necessarily addictive; it's just fun, though it could be addictive to many.I'm a member, and while most groups aren't focused on sex, the ones that are are a problem.The viruses that are interconnected with the IMVU 3D chat is also a problem; they crash computers at least two weeks after installation, and slow down the computers due to the sizes of the files.

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Meet new and interesting people from all over the world, as IMVU features a huge playerbase that is constantly growing. Express your creativity in many ways and design rooms, clothes and many other accessories, or browse the virtual goods catalog that includes more than four million items, most of them created by members.

Well i have played and they do use cyber sex and my parents let me continue on the website but then it was an issue but i knew to get off of it when a teenager asked me where i live, whats your address,don't worry i wont hurt u,i will take care of u and i will make u feel good so i ran to my mom and i was to be asked to never be on there again the guy got in trouble and found out he was 30it can happen to teens to so thank u and thank u for listening!

I don't mind it, but there are a few pros and cons, and unfortunately, the cons outweigh the pros.

IMVU is available both for PC and Mac platforms in several languages.

Free players have some restrictions, they won’t be able to create content but they are free to explore the chat rooms, make friends, watch videos and listen to music.


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