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On possibly the loveliest and catchiest song he’s got, Pierce takes his listeners to the edge of the cliff, and then drops everything but his voice, singing “Abysmal, abysmal, abysmal …” Some albums might offer a happy ending—even some albums by The Drums—but here Pierce just offers an ending. “There’s something in me that mostly prefers a sad ending,” he says. ” 30 Days in Chicago is a month of 70 can’t miss artists in venues throughout Chicago, exclusive to Red Bull Sound Select members.“The other potential title I had was A Blip Of Joy, the opposite of Abysmal Thoughts—if those two things don’t sum up the emotional chaos that I feel every day, then nothing will! Tickets are exclusive to Red Bull Sound Select members, and it’s free to join.With The Drums’ new Abysmal Thoughts, band founder Jonny Pierce is making the exact album he’s always held in his heart.Of course, this is The Drums, so that heart is broken—but there’s beauty and even bliss in this kind of heartbreak, as well as that special kind of glorious delirium that comes from taking everything life can throw at you and still walking away triumphant.Lead single “Judy French” struts like a runway model raised on Heavy Metal Parking Lot, while midway point “The Stack” pairs a classic rock shimmy with a flair for glam.Since the release of WBAB, the Kentucky boys have taken 2017 by the horns, having already played to over 25,000 fans with highlights including Sold Out headlining dates in Louisville, Chicago, Brooklyn (twice, mind you), and Washington DC, along with blistering festival appearances at SXSW, Bonnaroo, Hangout, Bunbury, X Games, and a main stage performance at Lollapalooza.You must be at least AGE LIMIT (your appropriate age limit) years old to attend this show. ), a stellar Sam Bailey-directed music video making the rounds across the Web, and now, a headlining slot at Metro on November 22.Joined by R&B contemporary JEAN DEAUX, singer-songwriter TASHA, and many more local titans Jamila Woods’ rich cultural lineage–from her love of Lucille Clifton’s poetry to cherished letters from her grandmother to the infectious late ‘80s post-punk of The Cure–structure the progressive, delicate and minimalist soul of , her debut solo album released in the summer of 2016 via Closed Sessions.

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But honestly, I make the worst art when I’m comfortable.To get more info and a code to purchase tickets, head to must be a registered user of Red Bull Sound to request a ticket purchasing code.“I think a lot of people become complacent after so many years of making music.And I guess that was one reason why I was away for a little while—because that’s what needed to happen to maintain that passion and, hopefully, freshness.”30 Days in Chicago is a month of 70 can’t miss artists in venues throughout Chicago, exclusive to Red Bull Sound Select members.If Abysmal Thoughts doesn’t sound at all abysmal—really, Pierce has rarely been this irresistibly pop—that’s because this is a story about how to figure out what happiness means once the worst has already happened. “It shows up out of nowhere, and before you can even get used to it, it’s vanished. I can rely on them—and with the political chaos that is raining down, who knows when these dark feelings will subside?


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