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For every person that comments “lb,” (which is nearly all of them) just go to their profile, like a photo, and they’ll like one of your photos back.

Repeat this until your thumbs get tired, and you’ll have racked up the likes in no time.

I chose to comment with “first” instead of “lb,” because I wanted to direct the likes only to my most recent photo.

Because Kylie gets tens of thousands of “lb” comments, my comment was quickly lost and the likes dried up after a few minutes.“Lb” is short for “like back,” and it acts as the motto of an unwritten teen code.Teens use Instagram very differently than adults and businesses do; they favor likes and comments over followers, and will frequently If you’re a teen and you want to get more likes, all you have to do is visit a recent post on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram and click to view the comments.It’s shocking how quickly teens reciprocate with likes, it’s as if they’ve created this community where they understand each other’s insecurities and want to help each other out.That, or they just want more likes on their Instagram photos and will do whatever they can to get it.My goal wasn’t to just get likes on Instagram, because likes from random teens are not valuable to me.


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