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The house for the Filipino males is called the Ato, while the house for Filipino females is known as the olog or agamang.The males visit the females in the olog – the "bethrotal house" – to sing romantic songs.The females reply to these songs also through singing.

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However, this type of admirer could overcome his shyness and naivety by asking for the help of a "tulay" (Filipino for "Bridge", whose role is similar to that of the Wingman in Western Cultures), typically a mutual friend of both the suitor and the admired, or a close friend of both families.With regards to the engagement and pre-marriage stages, Filipino tradition dictates that the man and his parents perform the pamamanhikan (literally, a Tagalog word that means "to go up the stairs of the house" of the girlfriend and her parents; pamamanhikan is known as tampa or danon to the Ilocanos, as pasaguli to the Palaweños, and as kapamalai to the Maranaos and blessings from her parents in order to marry.This is when the formal introduction of the man's parents and woman's parents happens.Apart from presents, the Cebuano version of the pamamanhikan includes bringing in musicians.Apart from the general background explained above, there are other similar and unique courting practices adhered to by Filipinos in other different regions of the Philippine archipelago.Although having a series of friendly dates is the normal starting point in the Filipino way of courting, this may also begin through the process of "teasing", a process of "pairing off" a potential teenage or adult couple.


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