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Kara was later subdued by the Department of Extra-Normal Operations while trying to stop a fire, the latter whom used Kryptonite darts.Meeting Director Hank Henshaw at the DEO base, it was explained to her that when her ship got loose from the Phantom Zone it dragged Fort Rozz (prison), Krypton's maximum security prison with it to Earth.

Her pod later escaped, and she arrived on Earth where she was placed with the Danvers family by an adult Kal-El, now "Clark Kent", later becoming Kara Danvers.

After that, Jeremiah and Kara decided that it was best for Kara to hide her powers, and Jeremiah gave her a pair of glasses she could wear to suppress her vision.

One night, on the roof of the Danvers' house Kara convinced Alex to sneak out and go flying with her, despite the latter's initial protests.

Her mother told her that due to Earth's yellow sun, she'd have extraordinary powers and go on to do amazing things, but also told her to watch out for what she does and make sure it was for good.

However, when Krypton exploded, Kara's ship moved towards the Phantom Zone.


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