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Also a writer focusing on sex, relationships, intimacy and body image, Elle's work has appeared in/on: The Huffington Post, Kinkly.com, Gasm.org, The Frisky, Dating and among others.

Her writing has appeared in the best-selling erotica anthology “The Big Book of Orgasms” (as Lady Cheeky) edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel and in “Curvy Girl Sex: 101 Body-Positive Positions to Empower Your Sex Life” from Fair Winds Press due out January 2017. Elle serves as the Director of Education & Lead Sex Educator at the Los Angeles Academy of Sex Education, which offers pleasure-inclusive classes, on sexuality, gender, sexual health and sexual lifestyles.

She never has, throughout her lengthy career and it is one of the things that distinguishes her from other actresses. It's why she's so thrilling to watch and why she is in such rare company (Anna Magnani, Liv Ullmann, Gena Rowlands, Bette Davis, Barbara Stanwyck, Joan Crawford... There's always some element of mystery left intact in Huppert's work.

Even very talented actresses want to make sure that we "understand" why the character does what she does. Huppert can be frighteningly blank ("The Piano Teacher," "La Cérémonie"), she can be human and flawed ("Amour," and the upcoming "Things to Come"). In a Q&A following the public screening at the New York Film Festival, Verhoeven described Huppert (also in attendance) as "unique in the world." She is.

In "Elle" she gets to be funny, and it's such a joy to watch! She's funny in her line-readings ("Bimbos with big tits never worried me, but the girl who's read 'The Second Sex' will chew you up..."), in her gestures and expressions. Watching "Elle" feels like climbing Everest without an oxygen tank.

It has started – the 70th Cannes Film festival opened its doors yesterday and Elle Fanning was one of the first to walk the red carpet.

"A woman's power is down here.""When Elle reclaims her p***y power, she will be able to make decisions for herself. Luckily, Louise is on hand with her expert advice on how to make her nether regions smile again."Place your hand on your sex, like I do, and speak from down in your vagina and say, as a woman, 'I take my power back.'""I've got some power now," Elle admits, after the hands-on session.

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"As women, we need to feel our vagina in order to feel happy and to be empowered," Louise explains, before grabbing her crotch. Her vagina is just not getting what it needs.""I think she [my vagina] is sad," Elle says during the intimate session.

The opening sequence of "Elle" is just the start of the demented and exhilarating experience that is this movie. Based on the novel by Philippe Djian, adapted for the screen by David Birke (and then translated into French by Harold Manning), "Elle" is a maniacal and confident hybrid of various genres.

But then she starts getting creepy texts from the unknown rapist: he knows where she is, what she's wearing. Verhoeven does not “bury the lede" because he's interested in things other than the plot cranking itself out to a "satisfying" conclusion.

Elle will present her movie this coming Sunday.’ This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival, and the team at Getty Images will be bringing uk readers an exclusive image from the iconic festival each day, accompanied with comments directly from the photographer themselves.

At this year’s festival Getty Images photographers will shoot over 500,000 images, ensuring every moment on and off the red carpet is captured.


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