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"A mysterious illness is killing hundreds of thousands of honeybee colonies across the country, threatening honey production, the livelihood of beekeepers and possibly crops that need bees for pollination.

Researchers are scrambling to find the cause of the ailment....

This sad news about bee die-offs reminds me how important , described below, are going to be (or is that bee).

In the article below, they are calling what is potentially a pesticide or insecticide mass die-off a novel obfuscating term: 'colony collapse disorder'.

In working on this piece I read his trilogy of fantasy animals twice, and came away with the conviction that these are comic masterpieces.

The total experience was one of uplift - the natural equivalent of grace.

(Or is it even a disease: see comments.) It would be a shame if it is, since those who are conservative politically are just as environmentally concerned as anyone else.

Stuart's mother cries for him, but Stuart is never really a member of the family. But on the other hand and simultaneously, there is a stoical realism about human nature and its foibles.

And that is exactly how it would be, if a woman gave birth to a mouse. On my first re-reading of , I was disappointed in Fern. And then, in Wilbur's very moment of triumph, at the end of the book, when he is given the Fairground medal which saves his life, Fern has lost interest. Fern has grown up over the book, growing out of her love for the farmyard animals amongst whom she once sat for hours. White's great realism at work: the way of the world is that Fern will grow up, and take more interest in humans, and human love, than in animals.

The book describes Charlotte, dying alone, in the fairground, after everyone else has gone home. The pig could not have resisted being forced into his box and driven back to the farm. One of the most refreshing aspects of is a kind of comic version of the Blue Flower.

That is the way animals live, and for all their talking and writing, E. It ends as Stuart begins his journey in search of a bird whom he has loved and who is now clearly unobtainable.


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