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They then trick him into declining the deal (with Angelo unaware that his confession is still binding), and they book him for Murder One.Danny is shadowed by Hollywood action film star Russell Burke (Marc Blucas), who is trying to learn about NYPD detective work for an upcoming movie role.It turns out the girl's parents, who are travel agents, had been threatened by a man who is holding the girl for ransom.The man only wants to arrange tickets for two family members to travel from Croatia to America, but there are complications because the two people are thought to be connected to a Croatian mob.

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In a heated scuffle, he shoots Erin in the shoulder, then makes his demands and says he will only talk to Danny.Elsewhere, Jamie and Eddie are frustrated by having to respond to multiple calls from a woman (Ali Wentworth), who complains that a male tenant in a building across her street frequently exercises with no clothes on and his blinds open.A murder in a park is witnessed by a 13-year-old boy, and the victim is his father.Frank is forced to come to terms with newly appointed NYPD Inspector-General Kelly Peterson (Bebe Neuwirth), who immediately targets Jamie's new partner, Eddie, after she gives false information to the District Attorney regarding her and Jamie's collaring of a phone snatcher.Jamie and Peterson are perplexed when Eddie continues to tell the same story despite two attempts to recant, until Frank demonstrates how Eddie may actually believe she is telling the truth.Danny is able to convince Delgado that he will have free passage to the airport to board a plane to the Dominican Republic, and he is able to lure him outside, but Delgado is holding a gun to an injured Erin.


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