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It just so sad that so many people take them for granted.She said that she had worries at home but anyways, she came to please me and that is exactly what ...So we created Flirtinasia to be a simple and easy way to meet and find a true father wrote some stories about what life was like (he was born 1936) and I am layouting his stories and would like to include some pictures of manila, the intramuros shots, st.

Next time see more islands down south like Cebu and Bohol.keep coming back to the Philippines and tell the world how beautiful we are!I would like to ask for your permission to use some of your pictures for a powerpoint I'm making.I'll be leaving for India this December and would like to show them images of the Philippines.augustine shots are so nice and speaks of the past so well.Manila is a vibrant mix of new and old, rich and poor.


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