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They also found the ship’s bell, which is thought to be the earliest example of a ship bell ever discovered.

One of the most mysterious finds is that of a copper disc featuring the Portuguese coat of arms, of which nothing of its sort has ever been found, and is suspected to be some form of marine astrolabe.

Finally, there is the indio coin, which was minted in 1499 specifically for the anticipated trade with India, that heavily indicates this is indeed the Esmeralda wreck.

The team will now continue to explore the waters surrounding Oman in the hope of finding other undisturbed wrecks dating from a similar age.

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The Bahla Fort is a unique ensemble of the influence of an elite people that dominated Central Omani by establishing a trading capital.

They have published their preliminary findings in The International Journal of Nautical Archaeology, although with thousands of objects to get through, the work is far from complete.

The Esmeralda was actually one of two Portuguese trade ships to have met their end in the storm that hit the Al Hallaniyah islands off southern Oman, the other being the Sao Pedro that was driven ashore, where the crew were able to disembark.

Both ships left Lisbon in 1503, and were stationed to protect Portuguese factories off the coast of India from Muslim merchants, who up until da Gama’s newly found southern route, controlled all trade from India to the West.

But Vicente Sodre and his brother Bras, who was captain of the Sao Pedro, had other ideas and decided to raid the coast of the Arabian Peninsula, where the ships eventually met their end.


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