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You'll want to work with only one voice at a time, and ONLY even-numbered footages, and ONLY Flute (or flutelike) voices - ignore any fractional voices or mixtures.Fractional voices, mixtures, and non-flute voices may add additional notes to confuse the procedure.If the failing note is the lowest on the keybard, with the 16' voice on, then it could be either - there's no way to tell without checking the contact out and/or testing with a signal tracer (see below) What about the bass octave(s)?We've been ignoring the bass octave(s) til now, because they can muddy the waters of diagnosis.

On others, a separate, single divider circuit serves the entire octave(or maybe two).Bad dividers are easily overlooked when testing, because if you have more than a few footages selected, they can be masked, or it will seem as though some notes just sound a little "off".Test procedure First turn off ALL tabs, drawbars, etc.It would be extremely unlikely for a tuning coil to have a broken connection inside - it's most always the connection from the coil to the circuit board that's gone bad. There may be as many as 5 or 6 dividers for each note.With the same tab on as previously, play each successive lower octave.You'll see a repetitive formation of components starting near the oscillator circuit. In my experience, most divider problems are caused by a bad transistor, but bad capacitors or just bad solder joints can be the culprit.


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