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Ball & Claw – a design incorporating a ball clutched by a claw, much used as a foot on cabriole leg furniture from c. Ball foot – a turned round or spherical shaped foot used mainly in the 17th century.See bun foot Baluster – turned vertical column straight, spiral, vase-shaped, etc.Anthemion – Another decoration, this time like the flower of the honeysuckle.Again used in Adam designs and also during the Regency period.In the Regency period actual bamboo reproduction was made in other woods (or even iron, as the stair banister in the Brighton Pavilion).Bamboo furniture itself tends to be a Victorian manufacture, since much bamboo furniture was produced in the late nineteenth century perhaps as a feature of the heyday of Empire.

Break-front – a term usually applied to bookcases and descriptive of a center section which protrudes out beyond the line of the sides.

Birdcage Gallery – a construction used under the top of a tripod table to enable it to revolve as well as tip up.

Formed by two squares of wood with four turned columns between, pivoting about the center column.

Seen 18th century English commodes with French tastes.

Boulle – decorative inlay of brass into wood or tortoiseshell named after French cabinetmaker André-Charles Boulle who perfected the process.


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