Dating my daughter form

As an action star, Mark Wahlberg is ready for any trouble that comes his way, but off screen, the father of four admits that there's one thing he's not ready for just yet -- his daughter having a dating opened up to ET's Carly Steel at the premiere of his upcoming action epic in Chicago on Tuesday, and he admitted that he's a bit "overprotective" when it comes to his 13-year-old girl, Ella Rae.Kim and her younger sister, Elke, nursed him at a farmhouse Kim owns, close to her own home, until his death in January this year, aged just 52. It’s hard to explain; he may no longer be with us, but we still feel he’s a part of what we do.’ Kim explains what she means by telling me about something that happened at the US Open.‘I was eight months pregnant when he rang to tell me he had cancer,’ says Kim. She had been growing increasingly nervous as her courtesy car driver took her from her Manhattan hotel to the Flushing Meadows tennis facility, across the East River in the borough of Queens, for her semifinal match with world number one Serena Williams.On the morning of her biggest match in four years, and her greatest-ever challenge, Kim calmly took Jada for a walk in Central Park in her buggy; a first for any woman finalist at the US Open.

Only the sound of Jada’s happy gurgles outside the back door alerted Kim to her whereabouts. ”’As she speaks, I notice children’s books written in English and Flemish littering the dining room table, along with a new consignment of wrapped tennis shirts from her Italian sponsor.

He did that…’Momentarily, her voice trembles with emotion. Her father’s presence is all around us in the living room where we are talking. He had always said that one day he wanted to live in my farmhouse, so when he was sick he moved there. It is comforting afterwards to know all that.’Last month, Elke had her first child, a boy named Cruz Leo. Then, the car radio came alive to the unmistakable sound of soul singer Barry White.‘Barry White was Dad’s favourite, and he had asked us to play that same song at the service we held at the crematorium,’ she explained.

His ashes are kept here in an urn, surrounded by family photos and a solitary rose, withered through age. If you have to say goodbye to someone I wish everyone could have it this way.‘Before, I didn’t know if I would be capable of being part of a situation like this, but we were with him until the last second. ‘I called my sister in Belgium, almost crying, and said: “Elke, listen!

‘I was so focused on the match, I had no idea what had happened,’ says Kim, clearly the better player on the night.

Without a world ranking, and only in the tournament due to a ‘wild card’ invitation from the organisers of the US Open out of respect for Kim being a former champion, the Belgian had astounded conventional wisdom by reaching the final against Denmark’s Caroline Wozniacki.


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