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But support remains lukewarm among those in his new party.Of those who describe themselves as Republicans, 45.4 percent approve and 35.5 percent disapprove.

Of those who described themselves as liberals, 23.8 percent approve and 56.4 percent disapprove.

Jim Justice’s party switch, more West Virginians now disapprove of the governor than approve of him, according to the latest Metro News West Virginia Poll.

“So I think he’s in transition from being an ultra successful business person to a governmental leader.”The popularity of Justice, a billionaire businessman before being elected governor last year, is one of several assessments of political figures through interviews with 400 likely voters in West Virginia conducted between August 11-20.

Those who identified as Democrats showed 24.7 percent approval and 67.1 percent disapproval.

Those who identified as Republicans showed 80.1 percent approval and 9.2 percent disapproval.


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