Dating for people with mental illness

“Why would God create a child just to have him die in my body?

Many years ago (a little over ten now), I was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and severe depression.As a 16 year-old girl desiring just to be normal, I was crushed.The news came after months and months of wallowing in confusion, like I was living an endless nightmare.The statements, though well-intentioned, make it seem like the only purpose for their baby was to die and be a prayer warrior, as if God desired the miscarriage in their lives. This is, in fact, what I was told by some as a young girl, and it made my journey to healing all the more difficult. That is certainly no God I would worship, and that is not the Christian God I have come to know and love.The bottom line is a very long time ago, evil entered the world, and since then (quite literally) all hell has broken loose.The words of all of my thoughts and confusions of the past 5 months just poured out of me.


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